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Great news to iphone fans ! iPhone 8 can charge by quick charger

05 Jan 2017 - iPhone 8
Multi-rumors are said that the tenth anniversary of the iPhone this year, Apple will launch the iPhone8 will bring multiple surprises. Fast charge now has Andrews in the high-end equipment standard, and iPhone has also been stable to maintain the years of 5V / 1A turtle speed charging efficiency, need more than 2 hours to full, but now according to foreign broke the news @ SonnyDickson latest broke the news , IPhone 8 finally to join the fast charging function.

quick charger iphone 8

According to broke the news that Apple will launch this year's iPhone 8 series mobile phone to join the fast charge, but it is not clear Apple will use high-voltage or high current fast charge program, now fast charging is the standard features of many Andrews models , To support the fast charge of the phone is generally about 90 minutes will be able to fully charged, it is fortunate that Apple users will be able to finally be able to enjoy the convenience of fast charging, in addition, there are rumors that iPhone 8 will support wireless charging .

iphone 8.JPG
In addition to charging, the rumors that the iPhone 8 will also support double-click wake-up function (tap to wake), which is a lot of Andrews machines are supported, but in iPhone this feature only iPhone 8 exclusive, but do not know this is due to New AMOLED screen.
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