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First one! Meizu 36W fast charge technology!

28 Feb 2017 - Meizu 36W fast charge
Meizu has confirmed that it will be exhibiting at the end of this month's MWC Conference, and is already on the fast charge technology innovation, and today the official is directly issued a new poster, directly to Huawei Mate 9 on the desktop PK, it seems to be the standard fast charge Come from.

We can know that the current mobile phone charging up to 28W, and according to Meizu news latest mCharge4.0 fast charge technology, will support 9V / 4A (36w) charge output, 45 minutes can be filled with a battery.
In the past, the glory for the first time on Magic equipped with a new "HUAWEI Magic Power" fast charge technology, you can achieve maximum 5V / 8A that 40w charge output power. However, and OPPO home fast charge, only the use of original charging head + data cable to enjoy the 40w charging power.
This time directly to Huawei flagship Mate 9 pull to contrast, claiming "faster than the faster, 2.2 times the experience."
Direction 1: Huawei Mate 9 support Super Charge super fast charge technology, support 4.5V / 5A large current, theoretical power up to 22.5W. If really as Meizu said to achieve 2.2 times, would not it up to 49.5W?
Direction two: poster is about the charging time conversion, then Huawei Mate 9 is fully charged with electricity takes 73 minutes, that Meizu means 36 minutes full? But affect the charging factors, such as the size of the battery capacity, so this can not be determined at once.

meizu cellphone

Also worthy of concern is that Meizu will be launched with Samsung Synynos 8895 processor equipped with a new machine, and with 6GB memory and the use of curved screen design. The credibility of this message in general, after all, Meizu PRO 6 Plus is only released for some time, not really come up, and Samsung S8 will be released in March, Meizu is unlikely to "fast" launch a new flagship. Moreover, Exynos 8895 processor or did not achieve the whole Netcom, Meizu there is no possibility to follow up is also worth discussing things.
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