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Fast charge harmful to the battery?

13 Dec 2016 - Fast charge harmful to the battery
The development of smart phone hardware quickly, but the battery technology seems to be stalled, the fact is it? In fact, the battery is also developing, but no other mobile phone hardware development Bale. From 2005 to 2015, the smart phone processor clock speed growth rate of 1500%, the camera pixel growth rate of 5,000%. In the face of the geometric growth of mobile phone performance, the development of mobile phone battery technology is a bit powerless, 10 years, the smart phone battery energy density, although an average annual increase of 7.2%, the battery capacity has doubled. So many people on the understanding of the battery to stay in the early development of battery technology, so there are a lot of misunderstanding of the battery.

QC3.0 smart quick charger
There are many rumors about mobile phone charging, for example: the first time you need to use full 12 hours, be sure to run out of charge, fast charge harmful to the battery, charging and playing the phone is not good and so on. But in fact the development of mobile phone batteries are many rumors, because those situations are before the old-fashioned nickel-metal hydride batteries will appear, and now the battery is a lithium battery or polymer lithium battery, and not as Ni-MH battery as spoiled .

Battery technology

Today's polymer lithium battery, and there will be no "memory effect", and the initialization process has been completed in the manufacturing, so do not need to say the first charge need to charge 12 hours, run out of power only charge. Its capacity density, capacity density is nickel-metal hydride batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries 1.5 to 2.5 times, or higher, and therefore can bring longer battery life. Lithium batteries also have safety protection circuit to prevent over-discharge or overcharge, use more secure.

QC3.0 charger
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Because the battery development relative to the development of mobile phone hardware is still relatively slow, so many manufacturers choose fast charge this technology to ease the phone's battery life crisis. Now some mobile phones have been able to drink a cup of coffee in your time, give you charge to use two or three hours of electricity. Now the market there are a lot of fast charge technology, there are two major chip manufacturers as the representative of the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and MediaTek Pump Express fast-charge technology, there are cell phone manufacturers to develop their own fast charge technology such as vivo dual-engine flash charge.

Fast charge technology

Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0, for the first time in its class, uses the optimal voltage intelligent negotiation algorithm to help portable devices with the ability to select the desired power level for optimal power delivery at any time and to maximize efficiency. Can support 5V, 9V, 12V voltage and high power output of 1 ~ 3A electric current. Meizu PRO 6s using the industry's best charging program Meizu mCharge 3.0 fast charge technology (based on MediaTek Pump Express technology), charging power to 24W (12V 2A), 2.4 times faster than the standard 5V2A charge, 10 minutes to charge 24% 60 minutes to full.

you can get some information about Qualcomm quick charge QC 3.0 technology  and some porducts of QC3.0 quick charger:

mobilephonepowerinverterwithQC3                12V1Ausbincarssmartphonecharger

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