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Eight models of the CE certification !

18 Feb 2017 - CE certification
At present, the EU approved the use of CE certification mark the following eight models:
(A) factory self-control and certification.
ModuleA (internal production control):
1 for simple, high-volume, non-hazardous products, only applicable to the application of the European standard manufacturers.
2. The factory self-conducts the self-declaration.
3. Technical documents submitted to the national institutions for ten years, on this basis, available review and inspection to determine whether the product meets the directive, the producers even to provide product design, production and assembly process for inspection.
4. There is no need to declare that the production process will always ensure that the product meets the requirements.
1. Manufacturers do not produce according to European standards.
2. The testing organization makes random testing of the special parts of the product.
(2) to be reviewed by the testing organization.
ModuleB (EC type review):
Factory to send samples and technical documents to its selection of test institutions for review, test institutions issued a certificate.
Note: only B is not sufficient to constitute the use of CE.
ModuleC (consistent with type [sample]) + B:
Consistency statement (consistent with certified form), declared for ten years.
ModuleD (production process quality control) + B:
This model is concerned with the production process and the final product control. The factory is produced in accordance with the method approved by the testing organization (Quality System, EN29003). On this basis, it declares that its product is consistent with the certification type (consistency statement).
ModuleE (product quality control) + B:
This mode only focuses on the final product control (EN29003), the rest with ModuleD
ModuleF (product test) + B:
The factory ensures that its production process ensures that the product meets the requirements and makes a declaration of consistency. The accredited testing organization verifies the conformity of its products by full inspection or sampling inspection. The certification body issues the certificate.
ModuleG (one by one):
The factory declaration conforms to the requirements of the instruction and submits the product technical parameters to the testing organization. The testing institution issues the certificate after checking the product one by one.
ModuleH (Integrated Quality Control):
This model focuses on design, production process and final product control (EN29001). The rest of the ModuleD + ModuleE. Among them, the mode F + B, mode G for particularly high risk products

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