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Charm Blue thousand yuan machine, fast charge continuous endurance, beat industry rivals!

17 Apr 2017 - meilan
As the main brand of young people Meizu, Charm Blue brand has been able to have both a thousand dollars and excellent workmanship by the user appreciation, the brand was established less than three years, sales have already exceeded the twenty million units. The Charm Blue Note Series has been known as the backbone of Charm Blue brand, its late last year launched a charm blue Note5, even looking at the moment, in the same price in which such a configuration, is still very difficult to find opponents.

1 all metal CNC fuselage
meilan phone

meilan Note5 body integrated metal body and nano molding process antenna, replaced by the three stage design of plastic + metal generation than ordinary three section type design of your two times the cost of the entire nano metal process, and the entire CNC body, anodizing sandblasting, makes the metal charm blue Note5 accounts for more than large, on the back of the visual effect is more uniform, the flagship high-end metal is not inferior to three thousand or four thousand. At the same time, the fuselage frame Charm Blue Note5 two high light diamond cutting edges, after two times of anodic oxidation wear more regret, lines more tough and clear; the shell after 12 gun double 3D blasting, anodizing process, bring better impression and feeling is very delicate. Such a metal configuration, even in the same price can not find second.

2.4000mAh large battery +18W fast charge

Excellent traditional charm blue Note5 heritage charm blue note3, equipped with a large battery capacity up to 4000mAh, with low power consumption CPU and Flyme6 system optimization, bring life performance is quite good, to meet user needs long time use. On the other hand, the charm of blue Note5 is equipped with a fast charging up to 18W, to solve the charging battery caused by slow, the actual test, the 4000mAh battery can be as long as 90 minutes full of Charm Blue Note5, charging 10 minutes can be filled to 9% capacity, charging time comparison of similar products up to 62%, it is the same the price of the best battery charging experience.

3.Flyme6 optimized blessing

note 5
Flyme6 new design and Action View dynamic vision system, for the charm of blue Note5 brings a very good visual experience, and many of its practical features also makes the charm of blue Note5 is very easy to use. Flyme 6 unique AI One Mind acceleration engine can be called Charm Blue Note5 killer, it will realize the application you use most often in a familiar and, to predict user behavior, and open a special channel for the application in the background, their memory will be labeled as high priority, reduce the probability of cold start, improve the opening speed of application, a single application can improve the opening speed of the highest 200%. At the same time, Flyme6 also has a self repair function at night, in the night to clean up the cache automatically, sorting memory fragmentation, into the state of hibernation, so that the phone in the morning of the second day has excellent condition.

In addition, the charm blue Note5 also supports 0.2 seconds and the fingerprint to unlock the mBack support Alipay and WeChat to pay, and dual frequency WI-F1, Netcom Dual SIM card blind plug etc.. Such an excellent mobile phone only 999 yuan to start, it is no wonder that he is so popular! 
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