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Charging 20 minutes = one day life without worry, Huawei Mate 9 strength refresh fast charge record

09 Jan 2017 - Huawei Mate 9
Wake up and found that only 20 minutes away from the phone but the battery has bottomed out, this moment of panic and the feeling of fire that most people have experienced. In the absence of a better solution before we will immediately fall into frustration and loss, reach the destination or find the power before, this sentiment will continue to haunt us. As people living in the urban forest, mobile phone battery is sufficient, enough about the level of people's emotions, people can not help but issue such a question: What can save you, my phone?
mate 9
Fortunately, the market there are many mobile phones have been fast charge as a standard, even in the case of the above, with the brushing mouth of the gargle connected to the power supply, but also to ensure the normal use of work on the road. According to the different standards, fast charge in accordance with the size of voltage and current relationship is divided into three categories: high-voltage charging, low-voltage high-current charging and USB3.1-based USB PD fast charge, that is, USB standard fast charge.

Although the three ways to achieve fast-charging method is different, but the idea is much the same. USB 3.1 PD standard charging earlier, charging speed is relatively slow, as the new standard PD3.0 protocol will need to wait until next year to implement, Huawei Mate 9 has been able to experience the latest SuperCharge, both compatible with 9V / 2A High voltage 4.5V / 5A can also achieve low-voltage high-current, and supports USB PD common standards, compatibility is simply not too strong.

Since the mobile phone ring standard is different, if your phone is not compatible with other fast-charge is more embarrassing, and in urgent need of charging time will be much slower. Huawei Mate 9 uses the SCP protocol, can automatically identify the current access to the charger type, and automatically match the corresponding charge according to the corresponding electrical mode.

Huawei Mate 9 is equipped with a 4.5V / 5A low-voltage high-current charger, and easily 9V, 12V high voltage, at a lower voltage (5V or lower) to the current from the charger directly into the phone Of the battery, eliminating the need for high and low voltage conversion within the phone (cell phone built-in lithium-ion battery voltage is generally 3.8V-4.2V or so) process to improve efficiency to reduce heat, with real-time monitoring of temperature sensors, security But also more advantages.

Mate 9 in SuperCharge work, the charger and the phone side will continue to communicate, and real-time adjustment of voltage and current in order to achieve faster charging speed, can be seen through the laboratory data, SuperCharge in just 10 minutes can make Mate 9 charge to 20% of the electricity, 20 minutes to charge 40% of electricity, 58% of the electricity charge only 30 minutes. So, in accordance with the subject said, only charge 20 minutes of electricity, can really be a day life worry?

huawei mate 9
Powerful Super Charge role is to endurance "open source", that EMUI 5.0 on the wisdom of the electrical system is to the mobile phone life "throttling", and intelligence system with power saving wizard, bright screen sleep, power consumption firewall and other functions, you can Control software background from Kai, to ensure that the background clean, reduce energy consumption. A variety of power-saving mode can easily switch according to actual needs, in order to more rational use of mobile phones, especially the super power-saving mode, emergency power can be opened when the emergency.

At the same time, through the phone comes with the battery management can choose the CPU operating mode, the use of CPU frequency of intelligent regulation and control of mobile phone network frequency to achieve the effect of energy saving.

In fact, Huawei Mate 9 itself comes with 4000mAh large battery, enough to support our normal use of 2 days. Mate 9 can be easily supported even if the video is viewed continuously for 20 hours. Mate 9 with SuperCharge is more like a tiger, completely eliminating the troubles of mobile phone life.
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