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Charger to achieve universal! Mobile phone fast charging standard formal unification

07 Feb 2017 - fast charging standard
Fast charge has evolved into a smart phone essential features, the more popular programs are Qualcomm's QuickCharge, OPPO VOOC, Huawei's low-voltage high-current, USB PD and so on.
certification for 3.0charger
USB-IF organization has recently released an important update USB PD 3.0, aimed at unified fast charging technology specification PPS (Programmable Power Supply), to achieve the Qualcomm QC4.0 / 3.0, MediaTek PE3.0 / 2.0, Huawei / OPPO and other programs incorporated.
At the same time, USB PPS and China's Ministry of Industry and Laboratories have reached a consensus, is expected to achieve unity with the national standard

QC 3.0 certification
Specifications, USB PD 3.0 by adding PPS (programmable), the output voltage range extends from 5V to 3.0V ~ 21V. At the same time, stepping AM voltage of 20mV, so that low-voltage high-current direct charge way possible.
It is learned that the new version of USB PD 3.0 will not allow the USB interface through the non-USB PD protocol to achieve voltage adjustment, consumers can finally look forward to starting in 2017 to enjoy the convenience of large unified adapter.
In addition, Google OEM specification in the 7.0 android clearly pointed out that the fast charge must be based on USB PD come, can be considered a force PPS introduced a factor.
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