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Can finally see the real capacity! Samsung will be able to display on the MWC bendable mobile phone

10 Feb 2017 - MWC
According to Korean media reports, although the Galaxy S8 MWC will not be officially unveiled at the end of the month, but the South Korean giants do not want to let the opportunities on the headlines, the industry said, Samsung may be on MWC show long rumors of the bend Folding intelligent machine prototype products.
Although the previous show we have seen many flexible screen, Lenovo and even show off the prototype mobile phone, but Samsung this action is different, because the machine is no longer in the laboratory of experimental products, the end of this year It will be formally mass production.

However, according to ETNews reported that Samsung this may not be a big fan to let the world see the true capacity of bending the phone, on the contrary only part of the industry to see the machine in a special exhibition. It is reported that the aircraft will have curved and curved two screen shape, the future of Samsung may be based on feedback to determine its final shape.

In addition, the availability of bent phones depends on the supplier Karen industrial "face", because they are responsible for the production of folding screen necessary polyimide film material, and reliable sources, the Karen industrial plant may In January next year in order to mass production of such materials, Samsung phones may be bent bounce risk.
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