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5G technology will change the pattern of many industries!

12 Apr 2017 - 5G technology
      In April 11, recently, 2017 Chinese electronic information Expo held in Shenzhen, the industry's well-known wireless communication and chip maker Qualcomm (hereinafter referred to as "high") with future communication 5G technology and related products to attend the exhibition. During the period, said Qualcomm Chinese District chairman Meng Pu interview: the development of 5G technology will change the pattern of many industries, for example, the retail industry has 10 years of Internet and media industry, with the development of 5G technology will further change; at the same time, the emergence of 5G technology will also contribute to the automotive industry the change, even in the future, people buy their own cars or not, but replaced by shared economic model in the Internet era.
5g cellphone
    With the development of network communication technology, every progress will change the pattern of the industry. With the advent of the current 4G era, the media industry spawned a live platform, video platform, making the content window becomes diversified and mobile. The 5G era, the industry structure and what changes will happen? In this regard, Pu pointed out that from the whole big pattern, 5G technology will impact the existing mobile Internet will accelerate. There are two industries will be very obvious, one is the retail industry, one of the media industry.

    Meng Pu pointed out that from the development of the Internet, from PC Internet to mobile Internet based on the earliest, then all intelligent terminals are able to access to the Internet, in fact, 5G technology will have a profound impact on all industries.

    Although the retail industry and the media in the past 10-15 years by the progress of communication technology has changed a lot, but Meng Pu believes that this change does not slow down the trend. Meng Pu pointed out that the current electricity supplier platform to browse the product is still limited, but with the progress of wireless technology, including the ability to enhance terminal processing. To 5G mobile communication technology, the electricity supplier is likely to achieve the use of video, VR or other better forms to display products, enhance the user's purchase experience. Therefore, the impact of 5G on the global retail industry will be relatively large.

    In the media industry, the mobile Internet allows users to browse the reading time is more fragmented, personalized personal terminal and content requirements of individual, and spawned a lot from the media, all of the traditional media industry has a great impact. So from the technology, the traditional media industry how to keep up with the pace of the transition, many aspects still need to complete the industry together.

    For the current hot car networking industry, in fact, a lot of car prices to the car networking as the main strategic direction of the next era, such as SAIC and Ali cooperation in the car networking. In the eyes of Meng, there are three different forms of car networking development: one is the automobile manufacturers themselves in innovation and promotion; another is no auto industry background, pure Internet Co began to enter this industry; the third is the automobile manufacturers and Internet Co cooperation. Meng Pu believes that no matter what kind of approach, as long as there are more and more people into the industry, we also see that this is a trend, which will be a great boost to the development of the industry.

    From the shape of the car networking, along with the popularity of 5G technology, Meng Pu think there are two changes: one is concerned about the reliability of the car networking car, functional and other aspects. On the other hand, the popularity of 5G may bring great changes to the entire automotive consumer culture. For example, many young people in the United States have begun to drive their own cars, instead of the Uber model of shared economy, which will be more convenient. Coupled with the realization of advanced technology such as automatic driving, 15-20 years may be a lot of people no longer own their own cars. Therefore, Meng Pu believes that the sharing of the economy coupled with the changes brought about by automatic driving and new technologies, in the future will allow users to use the car culture more habits and consumer values change.

   This park also pointed out that 5G is the most basic technology to achieve automatic driving. Through 5G and networking, infrastructure and architecture throughout the city, including traffic lights, street lights, city infrastructure, with cars, pedestrians must be interconnected, so as to truly become a necessary condition for large-scale commercial vehicle automatic driving.

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