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5 minutes to charge 48% !

14 Dec 2016 - glory Magic
Recently, Huawei announced the glory of the new machine will be released December 16 Magic, for this upcoming new machine, the network has a lot of rumors about it, Huawei said the phone as "the future of mobile phones," it can be seen The expectations are still high.
glory Magic
Figure, the glory Magic mobile phone body contour has been unveiled, you can see the side of the curved screen lines. The "Magic" name indicates that the glory Magic price will be in the design and user experience again on innovation. Allegedly, the concept of mobile phones will use Samsung's custom quadric surface screen, and also equipped with a large number of sensors to support artificial intelligence AI features, design, performance and functionality.

However, the most striking of the aircraft or it is equipped with fast charging function, a netizen broke the news that the Internet, the glory of the phone with the fast-charge battery, the energy density of more than 620Wh / L, 5 minutes into 48% Power, but taking into account the practical application of the phone will be retained. As for the other details, there is no more news.

For such a fast charge speed, is indeed very surprising. It is reported that Huawei is equipped with the magic of the charger for its output specifications for the 5V / 8A, power to 40W! You know, the latest Huawei Mate9 standard charger, but also 25W. Ray also believes that power is unlikely to reach 40W, 8A because the current regardless of the phone battery or data lines are made of very high requirements. Huawei in this regard should be retained, after all, 25W power is already very high.

For this charging speed, let us look forward to it!


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