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2017 10 new trends in smart phones

13 Dec 2016 - new trends in smart phones
IPhone 7 AirPods wireless headset to change, so that the body is more compact, expected to follow up the use of other brands next year.

2016 is nearing completion, summed up the wisdom of the mobile phone industry in addition to iPhone 7 dual lens, Galaxy S7 iris identification, Google Pixel unlimited cloud space, the rest of the highlights is limited. Looking ahead to 2017, the smartphone is expected to be thinner, faster, smarter, virtual reality, depth learning, wireless headset, USB Type-C interface, and more storage.

The following is a foreign science and technology website PCWorld inventory, the most notable 2017 10 smartphone development trend.

1. New design: the most concern is that coincides with the 10th anniversary of the launch of Apple, Apple plans to change models, including the use of OLED screen, all-glass case, etc .; as Samsung is likely to come out folding mobile phone. These rumors may not come true, but every year there will always be some new design.

2. Chip faster: Qualcomm has announced Xiaolong 835 processor, MediaTek also launched Helio X30 10 core processors, will bring new smart phones powerful computing power, reduce the overall performance of mobile phones and PC gap. Potential VR, fast charge into the column
Google's new Pixel supports the Dayream VR platform.

3. Virtual Reality: Currently only Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, and so one of the few smart phones can run virtual reality applications, next year there should be more high-end mobile phone to join, providing consumers with different visual experience.

4. More high-speed wireless network: Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and so on through the LTE network download speeds up to 600Mbps, upload speed is up to 150Mbps. With the new Qualcomm X16 data chip, plus carrier network equipment upgrades, the download speed can be close to 1Gbps.

5.USB Type-C interface: can charge and connect high-definition screen, headset, flash drive and other USB Type-C, will replace the outdated Android phone obsolete micro-USB 2.0 connector.

6. Wireless Headset: Some manufacturers should follow Apple's footsteps to cancel the headphone jack, and switch to Bluetooth headset to reduce the thickness and weight of the phone, but the user must purchase additional wireless headset and charge it.

7. Fast charge: smart phone with USB Type-C, the charging speed will be significantly accelerated. In addition, through the Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 and other technologies, as long as the charge 5 minutes can be used up to 5 hours.

iphone charging station

8. Smart Devices: Depth learning technology allows smartphones to be more user-friendly, for example, by understanding the specific application of the hardware usage patterns, to coordinate the best power distribution mode to extend battery life. In addition, the depth of learning technology to strengthen, but also in offline mode to identify pictures and voice.

9. Bluetooth 5 standard: This new technology is Bluetooth 2 times the speed of 4.2, Bluetooth 4.2 is the transmission range is 4 times. In the absence of obstacles in the case of Bluetooth 5 maximum transmission distance of up to 400 meters.

10. More Storage: The smartphone has 256GB of memory and 512GB of SD memory, but SanDisk this year showed a 1TB SD card prototype, it seems that the larger SD card is not far away from us .
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