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What is KC certification? What are the requirements for the factory to pass the KC certification?

09 May 2017 - KC certification

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  In order to provide consumers with a clearer understanding of the certification markings on the purchased products and to reduce the various certification costs borne by the product manufacturers, KATS announced on August 20, the new certification system, KC (Korea Certification), was introduced on January 1. Since July 2009, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy has taken the lead in implementing the plan, and is expected to expand to all departments by the end of 2010. KC signs the implementation plan is as follows: December 2008: to amend the "National Basic Law" and its implementation of the Order; July 2009: Ministry of Knowledge Economy began to implement and adopt the national unity KC logo; January 2009 ~ December 2010: Amend the laws relating to standard certification; January 2011: Apply the KC logo to all certifications.

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KC Certification Factory Review First Trial Plant Requirements:
The Korea Security Act stipulates that after the application is accepted, the authorization is required to carry out the first factory inspection of the factory. In accordance with the safety requirements of the project, the factory's quality control system for the initial assessment, the following aspects are involved:
The factory shall produce certified products that conform to the samples certified by the certification body in accordance with the product certification implementation regulations and the factory quality assurance capability requirements. According to the relevant laws of Korea Safety Certification and the relevant regulations of Korea Industrial Technology Testing Institute (KTL), your factory should have the following documented procedure or stipulation, which should be compatible with factory quality control and product quality control:
1) Product Change Control Procedure (Example: After the approval of the certification change, the relevant department shall make the corresponding technical document according to the approved change to the relevant department for correct implementation of the change of the certified product. Of the change can’t be applied to change the product certification mark.)
2) Document and data control procedures
3) Quality records control procedures {shall include a record retention period of at least 3 years (only stock, routine and operational inspection records)}
4) Routine inspection and verification inspection procedures
5) Nonconforming product control procedures
6) Critical components and materials inspection or verification procedures
7) Internal quality audit procedures
8) Process operation instructions Inspection standards, procedures for the operation of equipment, management systems and other procedures Factory should be kept at least include the following quality records to confirm that the factory did all the production inspection and production testing, quality records should be true and effective
9) Routine inspection and verification inspection records of products; incoming inspection / verification records of key components and materials and conformity certificates provided by suppliers
① the inspection and test equipment on a regular basis calibration or verification records;
② routine inspection and confirmation (operation) test records;
③ production line (workshop) on the safety point of daily record inspection equipment;
(4) Disposal records of nonconforming product (incoming goods, routine and operation);
⑤ records of internal audit;
⑥ customer complaints to take corrective measures on the record;
⑦ failure to run the test to correct the record;
Annual Factory Review Requirements:
After certification, the certification body will conduct an annual follow-up audit of the plant, the main purpose is to see the consistency of the factory's quality control system, can continue to meet the safety standards.
The annual factory review is divided into two parts
1) the quality of the documents, quality records, manufacturing site related content to view, requirements and content of the basic and initial review of the same.
2) It is necessary to confirm the consistency of all the products of the factory which are authorized by KC Mark. The key components, materials, circuits, and structure of the certified products are confirmed according to the attached certificate (list of key components) of the products.
Sampling requirements:
A total of 216 products have been included in the scope of the KC Mark Compulsory Certification. The Korean Safety Act provides for annual sampling of all products, so each product is sampled once a year.
Sampling method is;
By the factory inspector in the annual review, the scene has production or inventory, the examiner sealed, the factory within 3 months of the sample sent to the designated address.

In the event that there is no production or stock at the time of the factory inspection, the factory shall deliver the specified samples to the designated address within 6 months.

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Contents of Mark
When labeling the mark onto your product, information list below should also be applied.   
Safety Certification Mark with KETI Certification Number
Product Name
Model Name
Input Rating
Manufacturer Name
Mark for double insulation appliances
Rate input time if the input period of products is short
Production date (e.g. year and month of the production date or lot number
Phone number or address of service provider in Korea

EMI or EMI/EMS Mark (It is optional, but is recommended if the product has enough space for the marking)

All our products passed the certification including QC-020、QC-020T、QC-025、QC-025T、QC-026QC-026TQC-008、QC-010 etc.

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